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Each individual woman is unique and every woman knows what is good and comfortable for her foot.

Since I also spent hours trying to find the right shoes that would be comfortable, but at the same time right size and will match with my outfits, the idea of ​​completely personalized shoes was born.

Every woman is unique and every shoes in which we walk must be unique and inspiring. That’s why it’s now finally the right time to get some shoes you’ve always dreamed of.


1. OPTION: online store

Find your dream shoes in our online store. When you find the right ones, add them to the shopping cart and complete the purchase. In the near future, expect our call or email, as we will check if your shoes number is correct, we will ask you for the dimensions of your foot.

2. OPTIONS: In the online store, you’ve found shoes that you like, but you’d like to adjust them (add an application, lower or raise the heel, change color, etc.).

In this case, contact me to find a solution together. Contact me through the contact form on the product page, via social networks (Facebook, Whats up, Viber) or via mail / phone. Together we will review the range of colors and textures we offer and customize every detail of the shoe.

* Certain models are only available in specific versions

3. OPTION: I haven’t find the right shoes on your site

Not to worry. Contact me via mail / phone or social networks, send me a description or picture of your desired product and we will find the right solution together.


Your ordered shoes are made of carefully selected materials, colors and textures – made in Italy – we want to supply you with the finest shoes. We use luxury upholstery inserts and always dedicate attention to details. Every shoe is carefully handmade.