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Prior to the confirmation of the order, the user must indicate the name and surname and the delivery address (street, house number and city) to which the products will be delivered. We deliver from Moday to Friday.

Products will be shipped with a bill that will serve as a tax and reclamation document.

Shipping costs

Country Price (€)Estimated delivery time (working days)
Austria 10 €17-19
Belgium10 €20-21
Croatia7 €17-19
Czech Republic13 €19-21
Denmark13 €19-21
Estonia13 €20-22
Finland15 €20-22
France13 €17-19
Germany10 €17-19
Gibraltar15 €20-22
Greece12 €17-19
Hungary10 €17-19
Italy10 €17-19
Ireland15 €20-22
Latvia15 €20-22
Liechtenstein15 €20-22
Lithuania15 €20-22
Luxembourg15 €20-22
Monaco15 €20-22
Netherlands13 €20-22
Norway15 €20-22
Poland13 €17-19
Portugal15 €20-22
San Marino15 €20-22
Slovakia13 €17-19
Spain15 €20-22
Sweden15 €20-22
Switzerland15 €20-22
Turkey15 €20-22
United States18 €22-25


All prices on our website include VAT where applicable or any charges for the applicable sales tax in the country of delivery. Rates vary by country but our prices remain unchanged due to various supply chain factors.

Delivery time

Our delivery time varies according to stock status.

– If the product is in stock, we will deliver the product within 5-7 business days.

– If the product is not in stock and you have sent the request, it will be delivered as shown in the table.

The client will receive a message about any possible extensions of the deadlines wich could occur due to unforeseen events.

The customer will be notified also if there are any unforeseen problems related to the supply, during the period from the confirmation on. If the value of the order has already been settled, the whole value will be refunded (products and delivery costs).

If the customer does not receive the shipment within the delivery time, please write to us at

The ordered products will be sent to the users in the appropriate packaging, and the payment will be made in the manner chosen by the user when ordering (step 2 of the purchase process). Separate shipping costs are indicated for each individual order. Shipping charges are paid by the user.

The products stay in property of the tenderer until the payment of the entire purchase price and the cost of delivery.

The user also pays for all other shipping costs ot tax costs that may arise on the way.

The shipping methods

The shipping methods available are presented to the user on the website during the ordering process. Customers an not take over products at the vendor’s premises.

Undelivered shipment

If you have not received the package 24 hours after the scheduled delivery date, it is considered lost. Before this time, it is not possible to submit a claim for an undelivered shipment. If your package was not received according to the expected delivery date provided by the sender (use the tracking number, follow the transit packet status and the scheduled delivery date at Let us know within 48 hours and we will contact you with GLS and try to trace your shipment.

Incorrect delivery address

In the event that the customer has given us the wrong delivery address, the order will be delayed and additional charges for sending and managing packages will be charged. In this case, the shipping costs are charged, even in cases where the buyer has the opportunity to use free transport.

Refusal of the package

If the package was rejected at delivery, then refund will not be accepted. We will also charge you any additional costs incurred in the rejected shipment. Additional shipping costs will also apply if the purchase was made with the option of free shipping.
Rejected consignments remain in our possession until the customer pays us the required payment for re-sending the order. If we do not receive the requested re-sending payment within 30 days after the first failed delivery, then your purchase will be forfeited. Can not request a refund (see Return and replacement policy).