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Terms and Conditions


General Terms of Peppermint Street’s online stores are compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2).

These general terms and conditions determine the conditions of use and purchase through the website (website), managed by MINT studio, Irena Kotnik, s.p. (provider)

Please read carefully the general terms and conditions of the online store business, because they are committed to you from the moment you enter our online store. Also, review the privacy policy that relates to your privacy and personal information. It is considered that with each transaction carried out through our online store, you are acquainted with the entire contents of the General Terms and agreed to the General Terms and Conditions agreed without restriction. These general terms apply to entire websites, all of its ingredients and subpages.

You can use online store services when registering as a user. When registering to the system, you get a username that is identical to your email address and password. The username and password of the user are unequivocally determined and linked to the entered data. By registration, a visitor over the age of 16 becomes a user and acquires the right to purchase.

The Tenderer reserves the right to make any changes to the General Terms and Conditions without any special notice. The changes are valid from the moment of publication and are binding on the user.

The online store is open daily, 24 hours a day. For various technical reasons, doing business through an online store or even accessing a store is sometimes impossible. Therefore, the provider reserves the right to limit or completely stop the sale of some or all of the products for a fixed or indefinite period of time, or to limit or completely restrict access to the online store site for a fixed or indefinite time. The provider does not assume responsibility for the inaction of the store due to ignorance of use, any consequences of abuse of the online store, failure to provide services due to network failure, power failure or other technical disturbance, which may temporarily disturb the use for a longer period of time.


The user undertakes to use the website legally, in the usual way and in accordance with its purpose. The user undertakes to comply with the principles of cultural and civilized online communication and to refrain from any act that could prejudice the rights of the provider, other users or third parties or which could cause them harm or discomfort, including the indignation of national, religious or other feelings.

If the user acts contrary to the previous paragraph, the provider may temporarily prevent him from accessing the websites. If the user constantly violates the rules, oner of the web page has every right to block the user or ti delete his account and all related rights; and prevent such user from re-registering.



Users can shop online at and through its podcasts

In the event that the seller and the customer-buyer (hereinafter referred to as contracting parties do not agree otherwise, these general terms are an integral part of their mutual contractual relationship to the supply of goods (hereinafter: Purchase Contract).

By registering membership at the time of purchase or by logging on to a website at the online store, the user acknowledges that he fully understands and accepts these general terms.

The Tenderer is not liable for any loss, damage or expenses incurred due to a default or a delay in fulfilling an obligation that may have occurred due to an event or circumstances beyond the control of the provider, such as interruptions in the supply of electricity, defects in equipment, etc.

All information published on web pages, e.g. Product descriptions, specifications, photos are approximate. The Tenderer reserves the right to make minor changes in the description of the products without the obligation to inform users.

Certain “exclusive” offers on the website are quantitatively limited as published on the website. The published quantities of products in stock are informative and can be changed without prior notice. Provider can limit the maximum number of purchases of each product per user and thus ensures its users a fair shopping environment.


To view what’s available for purchase, simply browse the online store. On the left side, you have various filters available to help you get to the desired product as quickly as possible. Easy-to-find products also provide you with a keyword search engine located on the top left of the page. To find the product you want to order, click the “add to cart” icon. Under the product or in the basket you can monitor how many items you have in it. If you stop with the mouse on the BASKETBALL button, you will see a list of items that you have in your cart, a total amount, and a ‘finish the purchase’ button. To finish the purchase, click the checkbox at the basket and follow the steps of the purchase.

If you can not find the right product for you in the shop or you like a certain product, but you would like to change te colour or size, please contact us.


1. BASKET: You can change the quantity of selected products here. The basket shows clearly the recommended price, the amount of the discount and the amount of the entire purchase. The products are added to the shopping cart by selecting the product and its size in the online store, and for certain products, you also have the option to choose between colors. To remove a particular product from the shopping cart, click on the ‘Remove from basket’ or ‘X’ link to the right of the product. To add a particular product to a shopping cart, simply go back to the store and continue shopping. If you want to change the quantity of products or add a coupon, simply enter the amount and code you want, and then click the “Update Shopping Cart” button. To close the purchase with the selected products that appear in the basket, click on the ‘Make a Purchase’ link. If you have already signed up , select your payment method with your profile, otherwise you need to register or sign up.

2. PAYMENT INFORMATION : After confirmation, you must provide payment information, including: gender, name and surname, street address, house number and city), phone number and e-mail address. If you have already registered with our store, the information will automatically appear. After specifying the required information marked with an asterisk ‘*’, you must select delivery information in the next step.

3. DATA ON DELIVERY If the delivery information differs from the information about the payer, please enter the shipping information.

4. OVERVIEW OF THE CONTRACT Another times check the quantities of ordered goods, payer details and delivery, select the appropriate payment method for products (e.g. “Payment by Bank Transaction” or “Card Payment”). Then click on the icon to ensure that your information is correct and that you agree to the terms of the sale. You can proceed with the purchase process only if you have entered all the required information, choose the appropriate payment method, and confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of sale. You can not complete the purchase without the specified purchase. To continue with the purchase, click the ‘Finish Purchase’ link. However, if you want to add additional products to the basket, return to the store and add the products you want. Then repeat the process.

5.FINAL STEP : Purchase confirmed. Your order number is displayed. All information on the order is also sent to your e-mail address.


In case of payments on the transactional account , the contract is considered to be concluded when a payment is carried out on providers TRR account.
In the case of Credit Card Payments
, the contract is deemed to be concluded with Order Delivery Notice. The contract is concluded in the English language. These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract. In the event that the terms are contrary to the terms of the contract, the terms of the contract apply. The contract with the provider is not stored. In case of any additional information, please contact us by e-mail


The provider offers the following payment methods:


when choosing a transfer payment to a bank account, we send your email address with our account information, where you place the amount of the purchase. We will send your products to your home when the payment is settled.

DELIVERY: When you pay for delivery, you will pay the delivery of the goods. Delivery company GLS will bring you the product to your home.

CARD PAYMENT: You can make payments with a MasterCard or Visa credit card. After selecting a payment method with a credit card, the user on the payment service provider’s page enter the following information:
– credit card number (without spaces, hyphens, punctuation marks or other characters the correct one is: 1234567891011121314, the example is incorrect: 123 456789 101 1121),
– CVD – usually the last three or four digits on the back of the card,
– the date of validity of the card.The user closes the order of the product by clicking the “Payment” field.


All prices in the online store are in EUR and do not include VAT (value added tax). ACTIONS-DISCOUNTS Online shop users can buy products at stock prices and discounted prices at the time of purchase. Various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will be labeled as such. Also, for each product for which the action or discount price is valid, clearly defined terms of participation in them. All special / irregular campaigns or marketing campaigns will be listed on the online store on the Prize Campaign link. As a way of special promotion, users can also purchase certain products through special coupons and promotional codes with a discount that they get in different ways (via SMS, on flyers, on social networks …). The promotional code or coupon offers different benefits when buying and is time-limited. The codes and rules of use will be clearly defined. PROMOTIONAL ACTIONS We are happy to reward our loyal visitors, readers of e-newsletters and all who accompany us through other media, so we often reward you, so many times We carry out special promotional campaigns. One such action is a gift at the time of purchase above a certain limit. In this regard, both the boundary and possible gifts are always explicitly and unequivocally stated. If the visitor chooses to take advantage of such an action, he is also aware and obliges that in the event of a refund, he must return the gifts in part or in full, unless the residual value of the purchase exceeds the limit set for gifts or in as soon as the customer returns the item for another.


The provider is committed to protecting your privacy. All personal information of the online store user is confidential and will in no case be forwarded to unauthorized persons. You can visit the majority of pages in our online store without having to disclose your personal information, such as your name, address and email address. Nevertheless, some information is obtained automatically using “pixel tags”, standard tools in the web industry. Using cookies and webcams allows us to recognize your IP address, the type of browser you are using, and your overall online activity. If you turn off cookies on your computer, purchasing in an online store will not be possible. To purchase in our online store, we need your personal information. We will not disclose the information you provide to third parties, except for the purpose of validating your payment card, product delivery, marketing, and promotion. The provider implements all necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of personal information. The user is also responsible for the protection of personal data by ensuring the security of his user name and password and the appropriate software (antivirus) protection of his account.


RECLAMATION An order that is found not to be following the terms and conditions of the online store, can be rejected. PROCUREMENT PROCESSING The online store will start with the activities necessary for the execution of the accepted order immediately upon receipt. CONSUMPTION OF THE ORDER The submitted electronic order, the concluded purchase contract is stored at the company’s registered office. CANCELATION OF ORDER You can not return goods in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) in the following cases:

        • If the product was made according to the instructions of the consumer and adapted to his needs (product made on the order of the contracting authority)
        • If the goods were ordered by a legal or physical person in a gainful activity, regardless of its legal form or ownership.

Only extraordinary circumstances may be the reason why the product, which has been tailor-made, is replaced, with a new one or reimburse the costs in full. This could be only in the case of productive errors. In the case of approval of the refund, the products must be unopened, unused, undamaged, unchanged in quantity and in their original packaging. The refund should also be accompanied by an invoice for goods, personal data and a transaction account where the buyer wishes to receive a refund. The buyer must return the goods to the company within 15 days after a written message at the following address: MINT studio, Irena Kotnik s.p. . The cost of delivery are on the buyer’s site. The owner returns the entire purchase price minus manipulation costs (postage and bank transaction) as soon as possible, no later than 15 days after receiving the products. Returns of payments are made to the TRR-buyer. The postage fees paid at the time of purchase are settled only if the error was committed on the seller’s side. This requires an agreement between the two parties. QUANTITIES It is possible to purchase quantities for your home use of up to € 300. Actions and sales offer is intended for the final consumer and applies to the usual quantities of household purchases. In the case of quantities that do not correspond to the above, the seller reserves the right to change the quantities of the order or always inform the consumer in advance.


Ordered goods in stock we prepare and ship within three days from the receipt of the order. We are sending it via the company GLS . On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays we do not carry out the dispatch of goods. For custom made articles the delivery time is longer. The buyer will be notified of the deadline. The estimated delivery time for such products is up to 22 working days. Please note that a shorter time is estimated for central European countries. The delivery price varies based on a country. More about deliveries and costs you can check in Shipping information. We deliver to European countries.
In case you pay the goods in advance and you are not home when you ship the item, the delivery company will leave you a message and contact you again. If you do not pick up the package after three calls, the package returns to us. If you do not want to pick up the goods, the Peppermint Street online store reserves the right to charge you manipulative costs of € 50.
The seller reserves the right to be able to, in the event that the products ordered are not available at the time of the receipt of the order or that there are unforeseen problems related to the supply during this time, inform the user about this and cancel the order. If the value of the order has already been settled, the customer will be reimbursed the entire paid price (selected products and delivery). In case the user does not receive the shipment within the foreseen delivery period and the provider does not inform the user, please ontact the provider at

The received products will be sent to the users in the appropriate packaging and the payment will be made in the manner chosen by the user when ordering (step 2 of the purchase procedure). Separate shipping costs are indicated for each individual order. The cost of postage is paid by the user. The products are until the payment of the entire purchase price and the cost of delivery is the property of the provider. The user also pays all other shipping costs which may have occurred on the way from the freight forwarder to the user after the supplier sends the products.


All prices are expressed in euro (EUR) and do not include value added tax (VAT). The seller sells the products without tax; In the event that the product is mistakenly listed as free, the provider does not have to give this product to the user for free. In the case of campaigns and benefits, there are two regular product prices and a reduced price for the product.

For custom-made products the price is negotiated as soon as the customer’s wishes and requirements are finalized. The price can be changed and it depands on the design, the type of leather and the complexity of preparing a particular product.

The seller has the right to change the prices of the products / services, even after confirming the receipt of the order. In the event that the published (or old) price is lower than the sales price (or new price) of the product / service, the provider has the right to sell the product / service at a sales price (or new price); In the event that the published (or old) price is higher than the sales price (or new price) of the product / service, the provider has the right product / service to sell at the published (or old) price. This right of the provider also applies after confirmation of the receipt of the order, all the way to the delivery of the product. The user can accept the product / service at a sales (or new) price, or cancel the order and withdraw from the contract, and the latter can not do so after the expiration of 14 days from the delivery of the product. The seller has the right to adjust prices according to the market and competition. In the event that the user is late with the order of the products / services that are discounted in a certain period, in the action, etc., it is considered that the product / service was ordered according to the published (or old) price; this also applies in the event that the reduction / action was not notified.


If the provider believes that the user violates the applicable law or is in the interests of websites managed by the provider or its affiliates or subsidiaries may, at any time and without prior notice, revoke, modify, suspend or terminate orders or user’s membership, including access to any content on websites for a particular user.
In case the provider considers that the user acts in a harmful manner which would cause the provider and / or sites operated by the provider or its affiliates or subsidiaries to cause damage by awarding fraudulent orders; the provider reserves the right, to band the user. The seller also reserves the right to modify, supplement or remove any part of the ‘right to refuse a service’ in its sole discretion in whole or in part, and at any time and without prior notice.
Canceling the order The cancellation of the order is only possible with the prior confirmation of the provider. If the ordered products are already being manufactured, the cancellation is no longer possible and the user have to keep the product. If the user does not accept the order despite the warning, the bidder reserves the right to charge the costs due to a business loss in the amount of 50 €.
The seller reserves the right to cancel the order in the event that the requested product is not in stock.
Withdrawal from the contract and refund Following the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), which applies for contracts concluded by distance, states the goods can not be returned in the following cases:

If the product was made according to the instructions of the consumer and adapted to her needs (the product made on the demand of the client)
If the goods are ordered by a legal or physical person, performing a gainful activity, it is not subject to the Consumer Protection Act.
Exceptional circumstances may be the reason why the product, which has been custom-made, is taken back or is replaced. This could only be the case when it comes to production errors.

Important: Please see the color scale on the page before submitting your order. All items are made according to your requirements, and we will not accept the return or replacement if you are not satisfied with the colors you have selected.

The return application must be submitted within 7 business days from the receipt of the order at The customer may be required to send the image, which we will analyze, and based on it we will approve or reject your claim.

Do not return goods without a pre-ordered request!

In case your application is approved, we will send you all the necessary instructions, and the address on which you can return your order.

Once the application is approved, the authorization number for the return of the order will be issued. Please follow the steps below to complete the process:

• Goods must be returned within 15 days after the application has been approved.
• The product must be returned in its original state.
• All original certificates and invoices must be enclosed.
• The return authorization number must be clearly written on the packaging or packaging.
• The product must be properly packaged and secured when returning the goods back to us. The buyer pays the shipping costs, which will be reimbursed when the goods are inspected and approved for replacement or reimbursement.

Please consider :

If the goods are not returned to us within 15 days after the date the returning number was issued, the return of the products will not be accepted.

Save your invoice and shipping receipt as proof, in case of lost goods returned. We are not responsible for a lost or damaged item, if you choose to return items unprotected or not tracked. We will only reimburse you for the items returned to our address.

MINT studio, Irena Kotnik s.p.
p.p. 31
4208 Šenčur


The return is made with the help of the GLS service.

Claims will not be accepted for items, either incorrectly or insufficiently securely packaged.
Merchandise returned without an approved return permit will not be accepted and will be rejected, or returned to you at your own expense.

When we receive the returned products, we will review the goods and, if we find that the rejected product has been properly clamed, we will grant the replacement or refund.
Dirty, laundered or used items will not be accepted for refund or replacement.


In case your claim was justified, we will reimburse you the full cost of the goods and the shipping costs. We will reimburse the approved amount back to the account from which the payment was made.


In case we find out that we made a mistake, We will reimburse you for shipping costs as well. You will have the possibility of a replacement without additional transportation costs. We will transfer the approved amount of the charge for the costs incurred to your account that you used when purchasing in our online store.
Please allow 1-2 billing cycles before the refund is actually received on your bank account.

If it is found out that either the product is OK or that no errors have been made from our site, in this case, the refund or replacement of the product will not be granted.


If you want to return or replace the product that was in stock, or if it was not tailor-made, and if no error has been made from our site (a damaged product, incorrect size or color is sent), we can easily replace the product, this is in stock or you can simply return it without explanation. In this case, you will hide the refund and new shipping costs yourself.

Cancel order

Once the order has been confirmed, cancellation of the order is not possible. If you contact us in right time and the shoes are not ready for production yet, we can arrange a cancellation. If payment has already been made, we will refund you, but we will retain 50€ of your order to cover the costs incurred.

For all questions, please contact us at


FULL SIZE / PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET THE BUYER’S EXPECTATION Before each order, we will contact the client in order to get the right measurements. Each shoe is adapted to the individual’s requirements and expectations. Therefore, we do not take back tailor-made products unless we find out that there is a manufacturer’s error.

Before the order is placed make sure the colour matches your demands. A color deviation on our page is possible because the colors are displayed differently on the screens. 100% color matching is not guaranteed. The color scale was painted in the daylight, so we wanted to display as naturally as possible the appearance of color and textures Leather. For any further information, we are always available. If your color does not match after receiving the product, we reserve the right not to accept refunding the product. We accept the product only if we find that the refund is validly substantiated.

FALSE PRODUCTS Check the received goods immediately. If the wrong product is in the package, the buyer must notify the Peppermint Street store at within 3 days after the receipt of the damage, and attach the completed complaint form. On the basis of an appropriate notice, the online store replaces the customer as soon as possible, in case the product is still in stock. If the product is not in stock, it will refund the purchase price to the buyer and cover the cost of ordering.

Check the received goods immediately. If anything in the package is damaged, the customer must notify GLS d.o.o immediately. Also you have to notify the store on the e-mail address and attach a completed complaint form. On the basis of the appropriate notice to, the customer replaces the product as soon as possible or returns the purchase price to a given transaction account.

The consumer must notify the seller of the error via e-mail or by phone and complete a complaint form, giving a detailed description of the error. The consumer must allow the vendor to inspect the product. If the error is not disputed, the company will satisfy the consumer’s request as soon as possible, and no later than within 8 days. If there is a dispute, the company gives a written response to the consumer within the same deadline. Return the product with the complaint form to Peppermint Street – Irena Kotnik, pp. 31, 4208 Šenčur. If possible, we will replace it, otherwise we will return the money to your bank account. reserves the right to refuse a complaint in the following cases:
• if we find out that the inapplicability of the product is due to your improper behavior,
• if the goods were not returned in the original condition, they were already worn or used.


Shopping and online payment is safe, the site is validated and has a guarantee from the SSL Certificate. In case of card payment, you are protected by 3D secure, which is an international security standard supported by Mastercard (“Mastercard SecureCode”) and Visa (“Verified by Visa”) and is used to check the identity of card users in online payment. It was developed to reduce the risk of unauthorized use of cards by third parties.

Card payment can be done with MasterCard or Visa credit card. After selecting a payment method with a credit card, the user on the payment service provider’s web site enters the following information:
– credit card number (no spaces, hyphens, punctuation or other separating characters; correct: 2526879844566118, example incorrect: 252 687984 456 6118)
– CVD – Usually the last three or four digits on the back of the card,
– the date of validity of the card.

The user closes the product order by clicking the “Payment” field.


All rights reserved. All texts, images, graphics, sound files, animations, videos and their derivatives on this site are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. These items may not be copied for commercial use or distribution, nor may they be modified or redistributed on other sites. This website may also contain images for which the provider has acquired the right to use, but are protected by third-party copyrights. Under no circumstances is the provider liable for any links that are not part of this site or any other websites that are or are not associated with this site. The provider refuses all responsibility for the correctness of any information available on these linked sites, and any products or services available on these sites.


By login or. registration in Your account section you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of sale. You also receive the benefits we offer:

          • You do not need to fill in the fields with your information any longer, as they are already signed in,
          • you have the option to view past purchases,
          • without re-clicking on products, you can repeat the order,
          • if you are logged in to newsletters, you will be able to find out the news and our offer of action on time
          • birthday gift or other special occasion by mail
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